2023 Global MCBK Meeting

The MCBK Global Meeting took place October 3 & 4 (October 4  & 5 in Australia and China)

Video recordings of the 2023 MCBK Global Meeting are now available here and linked below!

Welcome, Overview of Meeting


SMART GUIDELINES: Rethinking digital assets to deliver global health 2.0 

Alain Labrique, World Health Organization


Lightning Talks

Large Language Models and Discrete Knowledge Objects

Mark Musen, Stanford University, USA

Karin Verspoor, RMIT University, Australia


Welcome back for Day 2

The European Health Data Space 

Dipak Kalra, European Institute for Advancement Through Health Data


Bridging the Gap – Top Down and Bottom Up: Complementary Approaches in MCBK

Dana Lewis, OpenAPS


Meeting Summary and Wrap Up